I’m not a prolific writer of short stories, but have written several over the years, some of which have won prizes and/or been published.  Funnily enough, not all of my short fiction is fantasy/supernatural.  And the most ‘successful’ are mainly non genre – hope there’s not a message in that!  Those listed here are all published:

  • The Seagull – won a first prize at Winchester Writers’ Conference, which included publication in Writers’ Forum magazine
  • Fog – runner up in one of the monthly online comps formerly run by the now defunct BBC Kent website
  • People of the Trees – commissioned for a Virgin Doctor Who anthology, Decalog 2
  • Blondes Have More Fun – won 2nd prize in the first joint PCS/Words short story competition and was published in the booklet of winning entries.

Short Shorts

I’ve recently started producing short-shorts for the SFF Chronicles forum, in the 75 word and 300 word challenges.  I posted them on this page to begin with, but it was getting a bit unwieldy as more were added, so you can find them at present on the separate Short Shorts page.  If it gets too much for that page, I’ll have to work out a better way to organise them.